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Welcome to the Whig Party of Georgia

The Whig Plan

We share the vision of the Whigs who have gone before us. Whigs have a rich history, from our Enlightenment-era beginnings in the 1600s to today. Our Whig forefathers espoused an enlightened approach to life in order to combat then current prejudices and come closer to the truth. This was not only in the field of science and philosophy, but also in governance. Today, more than ever, it is clear we need to replace the existing "truths" of governance in America with some new and really old ones when Honor and Ethics were important.

The Whig Party of Georgia has four primary goals:

1. To engage in a public discussion of the problems the people of Georgia face, and put forward common sense solutions without the brinkmanship or political rhetoric that is now the norm at our State Capitol.

2. To support candidates for office who are willing to look out for the best interests of the people of Georgia, rather than their own self interest, or that of any other organization, including the Whig Party of Georgia.

3. To establish the Whig Party of Georgia as a viable political party in Georgia, providing an alternative to the current political two party system.

4. Freedom of political thought and action, not stuck on ideology.  What Whigs do not do is to tell Americans what to believe. This very "Un-party" concept troubles many who meet us for the first time, as most of today's political parties make you "buy in" to their belief set. Civic ethics combined with self discovery fosters true open minded dialogue and critical thinking even among citizens that have historically been at odds.

Whigs practice independent thought, stress citizen participation, the curtailment of lobby interests and a review of electoral methods to ensure a healthy Republic. A greater citizen participation in the formation of public policy. All elected officials as well as civil servants work for the people. They do not rule over us.  We need to develop highly informed citizens as the new normal. Focus on core issues that affect all Georgians as a whole, not just one group or a few special interest issues.