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Blog posts April 2016

Does your Party represent you?

April 17, 2016

Both parties are trying to portray as being a party of the people, they are not.  The complexity of government has developed over years of deliberate subterfuge to keep the people like mushrooms, (Kept in the dark and fed manure).  The federal government and the politicians have developed the system…

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Is it time for Whigs?

April 17, 2016

We understand that the majority of this nation holds values which fall on both spectrums of the political debate. One person believes in small government, the 8th amendment, but also believes that social programs are needed to help our people, a more liberal policy on immigration. A second person ma…

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Can we fix this?

April 17, 2016

The current, dominant structure of political representation in America is that of the Democrat and Republican parties and has been for the last 140 plus years. While governing and leading are difficult, and there are different ideas and approaches, it has become abundantly clear that as a whole the …

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