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Does your Party represent you?

Both parties are trying to portray as being a party of the people, they are not.  The complexity of government has developed over years of deliberate subterfuge to keep the people like mushrooms, (Kept in the dark and fed manure).  The federal government and the politicians have developed the system to keep the people looking at the smoke and mirrors and not look at the men/women behind the curtain. They put out bits and pieces to the American people but never the whole truth.

Of course there are no absolutes in national issues. There has to be a middle ground between the far left and the far right. The GOP and Tea party movement and the DNC can’t agree on the time let alone running of the Nation.

When the parties are so polarized it is the people of this country that suffer, not the politicians.  Both the DNC and the GOP, because they are the two big boys on the block, don’t care about the middle. But it will take a group, like the Whig Party, that can see that there is always a middle ground that will be in the nation’s best interest. Whigs believe it is time to change the antiquated two party system with a more open and citizen-centric solution. This very "Un-party" concept troubles many who meet us for the first time. At least the Whig Party does not tell members how to think. 

Look at the news and you will see daily that the leadership of both parties are ignoring the people they are supposed to represent. When the people of a district vote for their party’s candidate the voice of the people should be heard. But with these Super delegates and Party leadership stacking the deck and blocking the people choice, your vote becomes whatever the party’s leadership dictates. Is this your party or is it the power brokers and special interests? 

There has to be a departure from the status quo. The GOP and DNC think they are the only parties that count. It takes the people standing up and saying I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore! It is the United States of America and we the people count. 

Join the Whig party and start making a difference.

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