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Is it time for Whigs?

We understand that the majority of this nation holds values which fall on both spectrums of the political debate. One person believes in small government, the 8th amendment, but also believes that social programs are needed to help our people, a more liberal policy on immigration. A second person may believe in small military budgets, marijuana legalization, Obama care, yet doesn't like welfare programs or a global economy.

Today we find hundreds of political parties which surround the principles which Democrats and Republicans hold, yet argue over other fundamental topics as well. The Modern Whig Party is the moderator which brings these parties together in good faith to discuss the issues, to find a common ground, and then devise an effective plan that is practical and achievable, and then lead the parties in achieving those goals.

The motto of our founding fathers holds as true today as it did when the Whigs were first created "Actions not Words" If you hold some conservative views and some liberal then we are the party which best suits your needs as we are free to have our own views, to research and share our findings with the rest of the party, and share ideas in how to resolve those issues.

As you can see, comparing the DNC and GOP with the Modern Whig Party; the Whigs are the only party which the people can voice their opinions and be heard. The big two require a thick wad of Franklins.

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