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The Platform of the Whig Party of Georgia


The Constitution of the United States of America is a living document.  When The Constitution was officially adopted, when it was ratified by New Hampshire on June 21, 1788, it was for their time but adaptable for the future. The Whig Party of Georgia bases its platform on the Constitution and the ratified amendments.  


Affirmative Action

1.      We oppose all forms of favoritism or discrimination based on arbitrary factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, etc. We reject identity politics and race-based affirmative action programs.

Church & State Separation

2.      We believe that the government must not fund religious activities.  

3.      Government cannot favor one religion over others; and, all religions must have equal access to display their religious symbols and texts.

4.      The Constitution guarantees freedom of religious expression and a secular government.


5.      We believe that to compete in today’s global economy; we must have the best schools and universities in the world. America cannot afford to let other countries take the lead in math, engineering and space technologies.

6.      We favor the ideas of school choice, merit-based pay for teachers, charter schools, and school vouchers; as well as a stronger emphasis on science and math in academic curricula.

7.      We also favor reforming the funding of public schools to effectively end the poorest areas in having the worst schools.

Electoral and Government Reform

8.      We believe all citizens have equal rights and duties to participate and be represented in the democratic process and oppose all attempts to limit participation or distort representation.

9.      Our political system as it is today contains certain unrepresentative and, frankly undemocratic, features that restrict political competition and undermine citizens’ ability to properly exercise their political rights and duties.

10.  We encourage the use alternative voting methods such as Instant Run off Voting (IRV) and / or Approval Voting (AV) in which voters can vote for one or multiple candidates based on preference.

11.  We support campaign finance reform in the direction of public financing; along with free and equal access to the airwaves for all major & minor party candidates.

12.  We believe no one should have “special access” to legislators or their staffs.

13.  We support a ban on politicians and / or their staff working as lobbyists for three years after leaving office.

14.  We support the allocation of Presidential Electors either on a state-wide basis or on Congressional district level for each candidate who qualifies.

15.  We support placing redistricting in the hands of a court-appointed committee, consisting of equal numbers of members from all major parties.

16.  We support Term limits for U.S. Congress, specifically, two consecutive terms for U.S. Senate (12 years consecutive total). Five consecutive terms for U.S. House (10 consecutive year’s total.)

17.  We support term limits for elected officials in the State of Georgia; specifically:

a. 2  term limit for the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, (add more) and State Senators;

b. 4 term limit for the office of State Representative.

18.  We expect our elected officials and all civil service employees to be honest and forthright in governmental affairs. To provide a method for public education on pending legislation and a means for constituent input. As a Representive of the people, it is imperative that the people voice be truly represented by the elected. 

Energy Independence & National Security

19.  We believe our nation cannot be secure as long as we cannot meet our energy needs with our own resources.

20.  We believe our country MUST develop alternative sources of energy (wind, solar, nuclear, including the use of recycled resources, etc).

21.  We oppose the continued support of corrupt and autocratic regimes whose oil we need to power our economy. This situation is utterly unsustainable.

Fiscal Responsibility & Financial Reform

22.  Neither the government, corporations, nor households can be exempt from the basic rules of accounting.

23.  Revenues should match or exceed expenditures, excessive debt should be avoided, and a percentage of funds should be kept in reserve for future “rainy days”.

24.  Deficit spending is acceptable only in times of economic crisis or war.

25.  Practices such as un-funded mandates, pork-barrel spending, or cutting taxes while fighting wars are unacceptable.

26.  We believe a properly-functioning market economy should not require taxpayer bailouts of private companies.

Health Care

27.  We believe that Health Care should be available, portable and affordable for all citizens, with means-tested government subsidies for those who cannot pay in full.


28.  We believe that immigration reform must deal with the dual responsibilities of securing our borders while also dealing realistically with those illegal immigrants already in the country. Illegal immigrants should not be eligible for any social programs or tax refunds while illegal status.

29.  We support the proposition to offer to illegal immigrants the opportunity for citizenship if they join the military and serve out their initial contractual term honorably; or, perform acts of other qualifying service (VISTA, Peace Corps, etc).

30.  We support reform to our legal immigration process so as to attract those whose skills, education and entrepreneurial spirit will enable them to become productive contributors to the knowledge-based economy of tomorrow.

31.  We believe that assimilation is the key to our melting pot, and while all citizens should appreciate the various cultures that make up America, we should share a common language. Being proficient in the English language is critical for us to fulfill our role as citizens.

32.  No blanket amnesty for any illegal alien. All given a window to apply for citizenship and properly follow the laws of the United States of America.


33.  We believe that we must reinvest in America’s future and infrastructure will be the key.  All must be evaluated to be economical and efficient use of funds.

34.  We support the viewpoint that we must repair and maintain our 20th century era infrastructure, as well as prepare and initiate a new 21st century American infrastructure. We support the rebuilding our infrastructure (roads, bridges, ports, airports, light rail, schools, etc.)

Job Creation

35.  We support the tightening of fiscal policy to realistically reflect sustainable economic models.

36.  We support the renegotiating of “free trade” treaties than only result in the out-sourcing of jobs to countries with low labor and environmental standards.

37.  We support offering tax incentives for private enterprise and corporations to grow manufacturing jobs in this State. Enterprises shall be held accountable for those incentives if they fail to meet their obligations.

38.  We support the closing tax loopholes that some corporations use to hide profits abroad.

39.  We support investing in alternative energy sources and energy conservation as critical to our next economic boom.

National Security, Foreign Policy & Veterans Affairs

40.  We believe in a strong national defense. America will act to defend its national interests multilaterally whenever possible and unilaterally if necessary.

41.  We reject isolationism and favor strong alliances with reliable partners who are willing to share the burden in the fight against common enemies.

42.  We believe Georgia must honor its veterans and should provide them with access to the highest possible quality of care and services through a well-funded Veterans Administration.

Public Health

43.  We believe that the issue of reproductive rights should not be the sole basis for which people affiliate with a political party. The federal government should not get involved or regulate such items.

44.  Responsible safe-haven laws also give people an additional option beyond abortion. We support all policies giving couples additional options beyond abortion, making this practice even rarer.

45.  State and county Health service can provide basic preventive health services such vaccinations and health screening.

46.  Physicians provide Pro bono services to local state and county health services.  

Same Sex Relationships

47.  We believe each state can determine the extended rights of same sex couples based on their own local values.

48.  We support classifying as a federal hate crime attacks on people based on their gender, race, ethnicity, and class or perceived sexual orientation.

Second Amendment

49.  We support the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

50.  We believe that states can regulate firearms to whatever their local values dictate. These regulations must be reasonable and cannot be prohibitive to a point where it would violate a person’s Constitutional right.

Taxes & Income Inequality

51.  We believe the tax code needs to be drastically simplified and made more equitable, and support the elimination of the vast majority of loopholes, subsidies, exclusions, exemptions and deferrals.

52.  We support the proposal that capital gains and other forms of passive income should be taxed at the same rate as earned income above a certain income threshold.

53.  We must look to grow revenues in order to pay down debt, so as to form a sound and fair funding base for our government.


If you have opinion for a Platform plank, you can forward those ideas to the State Party Secretary or go to the forum and place your opinion or comment there